Paradigms, if online, aren't authorized

by NM_Bill - 10/3/06 5:09 PM

In Reply to: Where to buy paradigm speakers online by grammag

per Paradigm's website. They haven't authorized any online sellers or mail order, department or super stores.

The site has a dealer locator feature. They are known to have been a fine quality for the price, or value, for some time now. I got them myself 3 years ago for my new A/V outfit and am soooo satisfied.

I do recommend everyone to give possible speakers a critical listening to.

Paradigms are pretty well distributed, I think, at least around here (Albuquerque) and we're not the biggest of cities. Hope you're not in the boonines far from buying civilization. Even if so, the fine new speakers should be worth the trip. Make sure to enjoy, that's what they're for.