USB device not recognized

by SHEEHAN - 9/26/06 2:00 PM

In Reply to: Motherboard drivers? by R. Proffitt Moderator

I have found more to this story. The drivers were there. If I unplug all the usb devices and boot up the computer, then plug them in 1 by 1, the devices are recognized, however, it doesn't last long. If i plug my external USB 250 gb hard drive in, suddenly, it won't recognize devices that minutes before it had. This usb hard drive works fine, and only carries a mirror image backup of the hard drive letter C: on it. When I unplug the external hard drive, the other devices are again recognized(no reboot required) I bought a powered 7 port USB multiplier to plug the peripherals in to it(camera and Ipod) leaving just the printer and photo printer and the wireless keyboard receiver to plug into the 6 usb ports in the back of the tower and it still occurs. I have changed which usb port and have tried all 8 that I have as well as the 7 on the usb multiplier and the same thing occurs. I also have another external hard drive (160 GB)from another computer and have plugged that in and the same thing occurs. Now the simple answer is only plug the external hard drive in while weekly backup occurs, but this is driving me crazy as to why it is occuring?