My Variation

by eroobo - 8/30/06 10:25 AM

In Reply to: THIS is the FIX!!!!! by cyanidetamale

My Sony has been doing this since ~ April 06..I bought it around Dec. 04. I didn't figure this one out til June. I agree it does seem that the mechanism to advance the tape "sticks" especially under load (for me at the beginning or end). What I do is eject the tape...leave the door open shake it around a bit. Close the door without the tape. Shake it some more. Open the door insert the tape, shake a little more...and Presto!! I don't mind everyone looking at me like I am doing a strange variation of the hokey-pokey. It works fine for a good couple of weeks. I called Sony for help in July 06 and the rep said they have "never" heard of this problem before and was absolutely zero help. This will be the last Sony camcorder I buy.