Panasonic NV MX7a

by LauderdaleBob11 - 6/25/06 5:02 PM

In Reply to: Same problem on Samsung + info by frebr

I have tried this on several occassions with the MX7a, without any change. I had the habit of fast forwarding the tape forward & rewind prior to use, as was the norm, & advice from different shops for all types of tapes. Primarilly this stratched the tapes to prevent any sort of ''sag'' afterwards.

When I went to get 2 tapes repaired that had been 1; turned over inside the camera, & the other went pixelated very badly. The repair place asked straight off when I told of the problems I had experienced over the years, ''was it a Panasonic camera?''

He then went on to say that in his 25years experience in the industry he has found that Pansonic cmaera's produced over the last ''5 or so years'' have had many issues, & the ones I experienced were common.

He also said that with modern tapes, especially the mini DV, no benefit would be had by the ''stretching'' of the tape.

I have a ''gut feeling'' that as camera's get smaller, & the various interals are shrunk, that much compromise is made, & reliabibility suffers. I had a Panasonic full size VHS camera, the NV7 for around 14 years, & only ever had one small repair done to it.

I have others in the family that have no end of trouble with many different items put out by Panasonic in the past 3-5years.

I wonder as these giants get bigger, the product suffers.