Same problem on Samsung + info

I have a Samsung SCD86. Same problem with the horizontal balck lines. I beleive the Video data is still preserved on the tape. This problem is intermittent.

But... We had lost our recharger for a period of time (2months+?) and the camera had been idle for that period. (yes, with a tape inside, but I don't think the tape stays engaged...dunno). Now that we found the recharger, we are seeing problems.

A tape I just recorded on yesterday, and reviewed yesterday has lines on it today. Other tapes have lines on them today too.

I have just done some experimenting...I rewound the tape a bit and played it back. I tried this several times with the following results:
Horizontal lines + audio
Horizontal lines audio at first then cuts out
Horizontal lines no audio
Black screen no audio
and finally Full screen + audio and it continues to function properly after three or four further attempts.

1. Camcorder out of use for a few months caused dust buildup?

2. Camcorder out of use with tape inserted affected bias/signal on the tape or left memory on the head?

3. Camcorder out of use for a few months required ''excercise'' of some sort for the motor/belts /drives to align with the tape data?

4. The battery is tired? I will have to experiment further but i *think* the problem appeared when using the battery for playback (not plugged into wall outlet/recharger) and seemed to rectify itself when plugged in, although it took some tries. I have no rationale for this being the problem, just an observation.

5. Tapes have benn idle for many humidity cycles. I have tried rewinding and fast forwarding the tapes all the way a couple of times, I beleive it helps even-out the tape tension. Again, I am not sure about it, but I know it helps with the kids old VHS tapes that get played in spurts then sit for a while.