The same problem on Panasonic NV GS 11 Mini DV

Have a look at my post under the title

Who else has trouble with the panasonic nv mx7a.

It seems that Panasonic has a lot of answering to do, The one common thread that they up is "bad or faulty tpe". I have used, Sony, TDK Maxell, JVC, Fuji, Standard & Pro Panasonic tapes all with the same problems.

My older son has a JVC cmacorder which he had the same problems with, & I have just found that JVC is a Matsushita company, & they are considering abandoning the brand as the Panasonic brand is selling better.

Ensure that you get it fixed under warranty, & if it persists, demand a full refund under consumer laws. Otherwise you'l be like me in the fair trading tribunal, after Panasonic refused to answer registered mails etc.