who else has trouble with the panasonic nv mx 7a

by LauderdaleBob11 - 6/22/06 2:07 AM

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Having read the reports of some regarding the problems they have had with their Panasonic cameras, I am seeking some help from anyone who has had problems with their camcorders especially the NV MX7a

Here's a bit of a run down of my problems.

I have had a NVMX7a camera since May 2001, & it has given me no end of problems with the sound & other problems.

While I have not had black lines, I have had a lot of horizontal pixelisation of the video taped. Much footage has had sound & motion skipping/jumping, not unlike using an old film projector & the film has the sprocket edges broken.

My first major problem was when in China, the camera would pause itself when recording for no reason, needing a re pressing of the record button, thus having jerky footage.

After this trip in Nov/Dec 2001, I came home, & showed all my family the footage, no troubles were obvious except the bit mentioned above. I took video at Christmas 2001 on the end of the last China tape, & again no trouble with that tape.

After Christmas I was going to start the process of editing. & I found that about on the last tape taken in China, the first 40 minutes was ok, but the next 30 minutes had lost the sound in parts, however the Christmas family footage was fine.

When playing this tape back through external speakers the faulty parts are picked up but, with a lot of static. I put the camera in for repairs, & the blame came out as being a faulty tape. But, when I insisted on checking it out further, & mentioned cold temperatures, they did a freeze test & found the PCB was faulty.

Whilst this was repaired the camcorder has been a constant source of problems. It has been in for repairs 7 times since new, & now is faulty again. Thankfully, I paid for an extened warranty, otherwise I dread the cost of repairs.

Over the time I have sought a camera replacement from Panasonic without luck, even though one was promised in 2004, if problems were again encountered. The person promising the replacement left the company when I had the next lot of problems.

As a result I am now in dispute with Panasonic through the fair trading tribunal, seeking a refund as they constantly refused a replacement camera.

What I am wondering is if anyone else is having similar problems with Panasonic camcorders especially the NVMX7a or similar.

I have had tapes chewed up, sound & film skipping. & heavy pixelisation of the footage. Out of around 40 tapes that I used, only 8 show no signs of problems at all, while all the others show problems of varied degrees, with 2 completely wrecked

I am trying to ascertain whether this particular model was a dud. I have been told by at least 3 senior camera store salesmen & a repairer in Sydney that the particular camera has had a reputation for this.

Many thanks