3.6 V - I give up on lithium, the D-cell option sounds great

by souren3 - 2/23/06 5:44 AM

In Reply to: 3.6V by tom_2727

Thanks for the quick response. You convinced me. (I think I was reluctant not only because of what I plunked down for the lithiums, but also the hour I spent with my Dremel modifying a Radio Shack double-AA battery box to hold them -- it's a piece of art!)

I'm especially pleased by the MAHA/Powerex 11,000 mAH NiMH battery at Thomas (the D cells I found at RS are featherweights with not many mAH).

I got very excited when I discovered the LaCrosse
BC-900. It is the only charger I've seen that has 4 LCD's to show charging current (selectable), estimated mAH capacity, voltage, etc. for each battery. It has a built-in testing sequence.

Unfortunately, the BC-900 doesn't handle D cells (sigh), and taking full advantage of the features would require some time with the manual. Their answer to not handling D cells appears to be the free fake-outs shaped like D cells that hold an AA cell inside(!)

Why, oh why hasn't anybody made something like this charger for C/D cells? It would be a dream come true (if under a hundred bucks, that is).