Optura 20 Stuck in Low Light Setting

by ginzburga - 2/6/06 9:15 AM

In Reply to: I have the same problem by kky1230

I don't know how common this problem is but it might be worth a call to Canon. I suspect they will plead ignorance, saying the problem is rare and that they will not cover it outside of warranty.

I tried sending my camera to Video One Repair for an estimate. They want $250 to fix it, about $100 more than Canon wants, so that's out. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to fix it or junk it and am leaning towards junking it. It looks like I can get a good replacement camera for $300 to $400.

Overall, Canon has a pretty good reliability record (although this is the second one of mine that failed after about 2 years). Consumer reports ranks Canon 3rd in camcorder reliability after Sony and Panasonic. I have been looking at Sony and Panasonic as a possible replacement, but may try Canon again... some people never learn.

I would suggest we all e-mail Canon customer service, pointing out that we know of at least 3 other cases with this same problem and see what happens.