Don't use software

by Dan Filice - 1/17/06 1:10 PM

In Reply to: PANASONIC PV-GS250 for Mac user? by pnurnberg

Do NOT install the software that came with your camera. It is a great camera that will work with the iLife suite of programs perfectly. No glitches, no hitches, just easy and fun. All you need to do is to buy what is called a Firewire cable that has 4-pin on the camera side and 6-pin on the camera side. With power off, plug your camera into the Firewire port on your computer, then start iMovie. Once it launches power-up your camera and you will automatically see the import screen. Use the iMovie on-screen controls to control your camera without the need to press any buttons on your camera. The iLife programs are geared for the home-user. If and when you outgrow iLife, you can graduate to higher-end separate programs like Final Cut Express for editing and DVD Studio Pro for DVD burning. I can almost guarantee that you won't outgrow iLife. You will be smiling every second because all of the iLife programs see eachother when you work in one. In iMovie, you can easily add music, sound efx, chapters, titles, transitions, etc. to your movie, then with one click, go to iDVD for burnng your disc. Soon you will be able to do all of this blind folded.