Terrible time with Microsoft Transfer Wizard

by JRL777 - 1/13/06 5:20 PM

In Reply to: Miguel K's winning answer by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff

I tried using the Microsoft Settings and Files Transfer Wizard after replacing my computer's hard drive. I had copied files from my old hard drive to an external hard drive using the wizard. I turned the wizard on and waited, and waited and waited. After 24 hours the wizard had completed about one-third of the first step of the transfer process.
Better solution: I gave up on the wizard and used Iomega's Back-Up pro restore program. Within an hour and a half my new hard drive was exactly as the old--down to the wallpaper--and I didn't have to re-register any software or download drivers or updates.
Note: the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard was using the same connection and hard-drive Iomega used.