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System: XP Pro Media, 1 Gig DDRAM, Hyperthreaded, 1000 something FSB, Dual-layer disk writer (I want a laser writer), 2nd CD/DVD drive, floppy drive, card readers, TV/FM tuner, 3.06 mghz, 250 gig internal hd, USB ports, ethernet, IEEE, etc. etc., and so far wonderful tech service from Sony.
I transferred data & apps using Aloha Bob 5.0. However, use the edition that one can SELECT which apps & data to transfer. At first the new Sony worked fine, but some apps were transferred that already existed, such as Norton antivirus, which caused error messages.
Anyway, I transferred apps & data from an HP that was still under warranty (Sam's Club allowed me to exchange it for another, as it had problems) to a spare pc, as I could not afford to buy another pc until I returned the original.
Some stores have the edition for free after rebate. It contains the free data cable. By the way, there is also a way to transfer data & apps without the use of software. I bought a cable from a pc store.
I just hate paying for applications that should be on a CD Rom!
Anyway, I bought the high speed cable per Aloha Bob (only parallel cable was in the box) but it did not work. It took days to transfer, and the HP was failing quickly. One also has to have the same op system, and Win Service pack, too.
Anyway, I have the 6.0 on my laptop which I will transfer the newer version from it to a floppy or a CD disk (Aloha Bob allows one to do this).
Aloha Bob offered an "update" but the stores have a better buy.
Basically, I save my data to a hard disk, and back it up to another hard disk (using Ghost or another program), then back up to DVDs. XP Pro has a free backup, and most PCs that I have owned have some kind of backup utility! There is even a scheduler. Yep, even my old Win 98!
One can buy very inexpensive internal 300 gig hd and put them in a USB and/or firewire box. Buy the larger ones with 2 fans. I paid about $53 at Walmart for ADS Technology; they have great tech service. I have one for a DVD Writer, and two large hard drives, and still saved money. Another store just lowered their prices; but make sure you buy the correct one for the hardware. No need for to pay additional for a firewire hookup, either.
It is easy to back up one's favorites (bookmarks), and others, but one's applications are the bread & butter. My first Win pc I went crazy & bought the store out, to find out that my pc already had them! Then XP came along, and I've not been able to use them. Beware of buying software; PCs are also cheaper because of the Dual-core. Now I'm going on to another subject.
Anyway, happy computing, Have a Great New Year.