Go a little deeper into print preview

by markgrime - 1/13/06 11:30 AM

In Reply to: me too by wampuscat

As nle9 said "check print preview under the File drop down menu" Something to add is to go to page setup. In in the preview pane, in the toolbar toward the upper left is a button for page setup. In the lower right corner is the "Printer" button. Click on it and select the printer desired, then click on the "Properties" button. The dialog that opens is different for each printer driver. A little hunting around can find many options to use as a solution, my favorite is usually on the "Page Layout" tab and often a button called something to the effect of "More Options" is available. The "Auto Fit" is the best choice if available, or "Scaling" can be used at around 80 to 85% will get everything on a letter/portrait page. Then the results can be viewed when returned to the preview dialog. As evantl1 said the settings will remain set for all future printing from Internet Explorer.