The same problem as Ben and my solution

Reading Ben's post, I couldn't help thinking how I'd had exactly the same problem just a couple of weeks ago.

My Dad's a writer who'd been using the same Pentium II running Windows 98 for the last eight years. For Xmas, my brother, sister and I clubbed together and bought him a brand new Pentium 4 Windows XP machine. Needless to say, it was a vast improvement on the old, but the problem remained on how to move eight years worth of data from the Pentium II to the Pentium 4. All 14 gigabytes worth. sad

The easiest way to shift all the data was through our wireless router using XP's Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. The 98 machine already had a pci wireless card installed, so it was just a question of getting the XP machine onto the network as well. I plugged in an ethernet-to-wireless adapter normally hooked up to my Playstation 2 into the XP computer. Within moments, Windows XP was able to connect to the internet, but try as I might, I could not get XP and 98 to see each other over the network. After several hours of getting nowhere, I had to look at other options.

I did have an ethernet crossover cable, but the Pentium II had no ethernet ports and there was no possibility of getting a NIC over the holiday. I also had an old null modem cable, but didn't relish the prospect of squirting 14GB down a cable one bit at a time. Anyway, the XP machine had no serial or parallel ports, so that was immediately out of the question. I couldn't hook up the old hard drive as a slave, as it was ATA and the new machine was SATA. Nor could I back up the data on the Pentium II to CD-R, as that machine wasn't equipped with a CD burner.

I knew Laplink had some products which used a usb link cable, and as both machines had usb ports, it seemed like my most likely bet. So I headed over to the Laplink website, downloaded their PC Mover program, paid for the license and ran the software. Incredibly, using PC Mover, the Windows XP computer saw the 98 computer over the wireless network straight away. I quickly copied the software to the old PC and configured what I needed to transfer to the new PC. Seven hours later, I had all the data transferred from one machine to the other, bar Outlook Express' address book and account settings, which I exported onto a memory stick and imported onto the new computer.

My only question remains, why couldn't Windows XP and 98 see each other, but using PC Mover, they could?