some more suggestions.....

3rd party commercial software
It was the home edition and whatever version back then that I bought along with my Dell Dimension 8300 for $40 back in Feb. '04. Back then, I got it on a whim. Didn't even dawn on me to check out reviews for that utility. What the software does is you put 2 PCs reasonably close to each other. You attach the included USB bridge cable to each PC, and it directly transfers data and info over. The included software lets u customize and select what gets transfered over.
Some nice things about this app include:
-USB 2 speeds (of course if one PC is USB 1.1, then it'll downgrade)
-transfers over MANY settings and media/specific files (e.g. ALL your settings, toolbars, etc. you made in Word, Excel, etc. ALL your video, music, pics, all files with a certain extension)
-MANY different common and popular apps are available for transfering these settings (Office, Flash, and other mainstream apps on the web)
-it works across verions of the same app (e.g. u can transfer Office 95 settings to Office 2002)
-backgrounds screensavers, sound schemes are also transferred and set up for u as well.
-also preserves folder hierachy. U'll be able to find things quickly since not only is it alr there, but also alr arranged and ordered
-Has a mode for if you're using 2 PCs with one monitor or 2 PCs each with their own monitor

Some bad things I've noticed about this app:
-You need to manually install the apps themselves on your new PC first!! Like What MiguelK said, I second fresh installing new apps rather than transfering them over for the reasons alr mentioned anyways, but keep in mind this software doesn't just transfer Office over, just the settings
-Strangely enough, u can't choose specific files of an exension. It's ALL or NOTHING. (e.g. NO AVI files or all 80GB of it!!)

I read through several user and editorial reviews of this app after I purchased it from sites like Cnet [;)], Epinions, and Amazon, and i gotta say overall, I agree with the reviews, good and bad.

Would I recommend this app to you or others interested?... I gotta say no, although it's not THAT bad. I'm only slightly leaning in that direction. I would rather just spend half a day or so reinstalling everything on my own. And then going into each app like Word, Palm Desktop, and Internet Explorer and just manually re-doing all the cusmizations with the settings, toolbars, and hotkeys. First of all, I upgrade to a brand spanking new PC only rarely (once every 5 to 6 years), so this type of ''brute force installation'' isn't as time consuming as one may think. Secondly, I don't have that many apps that need to be customized, so again, it's feasible to do it manually. Finally, in this day in age with so many other ways to transfer data... it may work better to try the alternatives. Many already covered by Mark G. This leads to....


For data files, using an ext hardrive or flash mem REALLY hits the spot. Anything like a 20GB to 160GB+ ext hardrive, esp with USB 2.0 on both PCs will ensure maximum flexibility and convenience. Just drag and drop from Origin_PC to ext hd, and once again from ext hd to Destination_PC and you're set. If you're working with smaller amount of data, something like a smaller, trimmer 20GB or less ext hd (no seperate power supply required, powers through USB alone), a smaller 6GB USB microdrive, or even a 2GB USB flash memory are not only cheaper, but easier to carry around.

I have all 3 of these: 80GB ext hd, 4GB microdrive, and 0.5GB pen drive and this is how i would transfer the bulk of my stuff if i were to get a new PC today. The rest of my stuff like MP3s and pics, I'd archive onto DVD+-Rs and CD-Rs.

Hope this helps. Congrats on the new PC and have fun transferring. Seriously wink