Sony's defective sensors

by chetvora - 12/28/05 8:31 AM

In Reply to: follow up: day 3 by agavero

I understand that Sony has admitted that there are problems with their CCD sensors which lets undue moisture in. They are replacing the sensor for free if certain symptoms show up. On calling Sony, their response was that this particular issue wasn't related to the CCD sensor issue. That seems to me like avoiding accountability - I mean, c'mon, the sensor lets in moisture and we're getting a ''moisture condensation'' error. Is it that tough to put 2 and 2 together ? Maybe someone more technical on this forum (who doesn't work for Sony) might care to explain why this particular error that we all get is not related to the defective sensor. I'm thinking of escalating this issue - I cost me more than a grand to buy my Sony camcorder a couple of years back. Sony needs to stand by its products.

Link to Sony CCD issue: