Another problem: C:31:23

by agavero - 12/25/05 8:04 AM

In Reply to: It appears to be okay... by agavero

not sure if it's the same problem, but powering up to record the kids opening thier Christmas presents, I got the eject indicator and a new code(C:31:23) almost immediately.

after playing around with it for about an hour, I left it on camera mode and ejected the battery. I reattached it again, which powers it up without hitting any buttons. It appeared fine and allowed me to record until I shut it off again and powered up again, then it gave me the new code again.

It's most likely a condensation issue that never went away(had it in the house ever since).

I'll continue to play around with it and call to see what I can find. Anyone else have any luck? Jay, were you able to get your camcorder fixed?