How to count the jail term period

by pandithaya - 11/25/05 6:52 PM

In Reply to: Jail terms for virus writers, etc. by papasy

Any person creating a virus knows very well that it is harmful.
Many people loose valuable information and time because of these viruses. The creators of viruses causes pain of mind and agony to the victims. People are in constant fear of virus attack and need to take precautions which consume money and time. They steal our freedom. It is in a way an act of terrorism - terror unleashed on innocent people who suffers in various degrees.

My answer is to be little kind to these sick people and count their jail term not by months or years but by seconds. Estimate the damage caused to the number of people. Then sentence them to a jail term equalling I second for each person effected. So if it effected less than 100,000 then jail term be 86,400 second or one day.

If it effected 2.5 million then 2,419,200 seconds jail term or one month. 31.4 million second is one year and so it goes on. - Dont you think it is a very generous offer.