Here is how to print a PRN file

by ChuckT - 8/12/05 1:25 AM

In Reply to: How to print a PRN file in Windows XP? by provoko

I just did this, I know it works.
I have a USB connected HP printer, but it should also work with a parallel printer.
I also used it on my networked printer.

Get PrintFile.

I created a PRN file, and placed the PRN file on my desktop.
I created a PS (PostScript) file and also placed it on my desktop.
I then used PrintFile to send the PRN file on my USB connected HP printer. It printed fine.
I also then used PrintFile to send the PS file to my networked PostScript printer. It printed fine.

Long ago, in the old DOS and the old Win 3.x days, it was relatively easy to send print-formatted files directly to a printer, all you needed to do was copy the file out to the LPT: device. But times have changed. And that is why Peter Lerup made his great tool.

The info, about PrintFile, says this at the website (and I can vouch for, since I have used it for years):
PrintFile is a freeware MS Windows utility program that will enable you to print files fast and easily. The program recognizes plain text, PostScript, Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and binary formats.

Although this function is mainly intended for printing PostScript files, it could be used just as well for any file created by the ''Print to File'' option available for most Windows printer drivers.


I have used this piece of software for years. It was a real chore saver when I neded it, at work, for printing up many hundreds of PS files. (We test printers and print drivers.)

Installing and using PrintFile almost could not be easier. It installs in seconds, it is free and there is no nag or spyware. You can just drop your print-formatted files onto the PrintFile icon on your desktop. Or you can open PrintFile and use it to find you files to print. Or you can just drag your files right into the open PrintFile control box.

The controls of PrintFile can do some very impressive things. You really ought to check it out.