Yes, but what is causing Anup's real problem

I dont think that the dirty bit is being set unnecessarily. It could be that the dirty bit was failing to be unset, in which case, once it is unset this time, it shouldnt go thru chkdisk next reboot, unless it is shutdown uncleanly.. Now I assume that Windows by design sets the dirty bit when it boots, after autochk runs, but only unsets it as the _very_ last thing it does after unloading the GUI, before rebooting.. SO if windows isnt properly rebooting, that could be due to a driver, a shutdown program, or something else that is causing the computer to reboot before the dirty bit gets unset... So if none of these fix the problem in a do it once fashion, the user needs to merely think back to when it started doing it, figure out what program was installed shortly before that, and remove it..

>>The only problem is that Anup will have to exercise the "fix" every time he powers his system up. I certainly recognize that the fix is better than having to suffer through CHKDISK.

If it is possible to find out what is setting the "dirty bit" unnecessarily wouldn't that be the thing to fix. That would prevent the problem from happening again and avoid having to fix it every boot time.