R1 Sound Quality

by L0W - 6/4/05 4:07 AM

In Reply to: Edirol R1 looks good by Trampolin

I could say a whole bunch about the R1 if anyone is interested, but anyone expecting 'pristine' CD-quality recordings from the internal mics is probably going to be disappointed.

Recordings on the internal mics will not be pristine. The internal circuitry has too much noise (hiss) and not enough gain to ensure 'clean' recordings. The two combine to give a signal to noise ratio (in my test rig) of around 35dB in typical conditions, rather than the 93dB quoted in the specs on-line. This S/N ratio would be typical of 'poor' to 'reasonable' equipment and somewhat worse than a cassette recorder with Dolby NR. Only some external mics (I have tried a few) can reduce the hiss slightly, so I suspect the only solution might be to use an external pre-amp. In typical acoustic recording conditions the R1 needs to be about 5-8" away from the instrument/voice to register a reasonable recording level. Any further than that, then the S/N ratio gets worse still and the levels are pretty well in my opinion unuseable for anything other than 'sketchpad' style recording.