Older Seagate drives that make similar clicking noises

by cliftons81 - 4/26/05 11:12 PM

In Reply to: Think the problem is more than just noise. by Harv

I have several HDD's which I have purchased over the years (most of them have been Seagate drives They have pretty much been retired, or I put them into PC's that I give away to people who don't have computers. Anyways, I have noticed the clicking sound as well from these older models (not any of the newer ones) mostly in the range of 100MB (yes, MB my friends)to 1.5 GB. About every five minutes or so, the drive makes a loud "clicking," sound. I have used the Seagate boot floppy utility, "DiscWizard," scanned all the drives for bad sectors and such; with no negative readings. The same goes for M$ Scandisk, no errors detected whenever a thorough scan is performed. I don't know if this is the way the drive has always been since day one, or if it is a characteristic of an aging HDD. I am a Seagate junkie; I still believe in their drives, the 80 GB I'm using now is doing great (nor does it make the notorious clicking sounds)it's the quietest drive I've ever owned, and it has seen many OS's during the last two years. Anyhow, I know this reply is a bit late; but I thought I would put my 2 cents worth in the forum....