Network path could not be found

by bigwardo - 4/17/05 8:08 AM

In Reply to: How to setup ZoneAlarm by Silver Leaf

Hello all..i have a wired network with 3 pc's.The main pc runs on XP, has a linksys router and is set up for printer/file shareing.The other 2 pc's are running windows 2000pro and can access the internet and share with eachother.The problem i'm having is that when i try and access or even see the main pc from any of the other 2 pc's i get the message..Network path could not be found..
I have disabled windows firewall and use zone alarm pro and believe i have it confirured correctly as it added the network as being trusted when i first set it up.All pc's have a unique ip address and are all called MSHOME as the network group.
It really baffles me as it seems my pc,the main one is totally isolated from the rest even though the other 2 can access the internet,share files etc.and see eachother in the network.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to resolve this?
Many thanks,