What about XP firewall?

by MrFletch - 4/15/05 7:27 PM

In Reply to: Nigel B.'s winning answer by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff

Nigel explained only the Norton way of unblocking network connections but what about the built in XP firewall, everyone's supposed to have it on their computer(whether its ON or OFF).

but anyways

I have a laptop and a PC both runing XP. The laptop has XP firewall set as ON. I notice that i can access the PC from my laptop but i cant access the laptop from my PC. I am assuming because the laptop has the firewall enabled. How do i work around this so i can access Both systems from any computer?

Personal knowledge says i need to add the port number in the firewall's settings under the Exceptions tab.
What port number must i use though? and whether TCP/UDP?