An Additional Wrinkle

by CephJedi - 4/15/05 7:01 AM

In Reply to: Nigel B.'s winning answer by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff


I was hoping this question would solve a problem I've had on my home network, but it didn't touch on it.

My read on the original question was that a user has a regular PC attached to a wireless router by good ol' Cat 5 cabling, and the Laptop is on the *wireless* connection and they were having trouble.

This is the situation I have- three PCs on wired connections, two laptops on wireless. I have fussed with all the computers relentlessly and have never been able to share files from wireless to wired. Workgroups are the same, firewall's been eliminated, all the sharing steps have been followed, but to no avail. It almost seems like the router considers it to be two separate networks!

I thought a possible problem was XP pro on the desktops, and XP home on the portables, but that doesn't seem to be it either.

Has anyone else seen this problem or, better yet, managed to fix it?

Thanks in Advance! CephJedi