Same error message but know the cause

by kcbergmo - 4/6/05 7:30 PM

In Reply to: spyware and error message 0x800cc0f by russellwilliams

I've got Symantec Antivirus Corporate Ed 9.0.1 installed on a server that updates virus defs for 7 client PC's in my home. I've got the Alert Management server set to send an email to myself if a virus is detected on any of the machines. I use Comcast as my ISP and have tried using the same reply to address as the send to address, a fake reply to, and a reply to of another valid account. All with the same results. I can send email, but when it tries to receive, I get the same error everyone else in this thread complains about. If I got to my Web Email, I can see the message, and I must delete it out of the inbox and out of deleted items before I can receive email from Outlook again. This only happens with messages from my AV server, never get them from anywhere else. This was working fine up until about the end of 2004 (Oct-Nov?)Funny that it will pull into my webmail fine, but not Outlook. I'm using Outlook 2003 with XPpro, all updates and patches. Probably some "patch or fix" that was applied that caused it, but I'll be damned if I can find any cause for it.