r1 mic responsivity

by clasic - 3/23/05 9:52 PM

In Reply to: External Mic Testing by consuming


hi I have the machine for about a week
I agree with you about the delay in the reading of
the bars during recording (why there are no bars in play mode ? )
I beleieve that the mic sensitivity varies from machine
to machine ,in maximum mic sensitivity I have to
shut load to cause the r1 overload and distort
the sound very clean I like to listen to mp3/320k
and realy there is very nice sound ,I you to listen
with a pair of shure e3c eraphones ,the combination
is superb , I posted a test about the power consumtion of the machine in varius modes,
I found a soft bug (vers 1.03) if you are recording
and after you put effect on on/off and you stop the recording the display goes BLANK, it happened to you also ?
in the machine I have a 1G ultra II (60X) and worked
in all resolutions without trouble