Edirol R-1 Looks Good

by criggs - 3/9/05 8:00 PM

In Reply to: Edirol R1 looks good by criggs

I wrote:
"When I tried to record a six-hour full-bandwidth 16 bit wave file onto the 4 gig card I purchased (not cheap: $300), the R-1 only saw two gigs, and automatically stopped recording after some three hours plus of recording. Thinking that the R-1 might have misformatted the card as a 2-gig rather than a 4-gig card, I took a look at the R-1 formatted 4 gig card through the USB 2.0 port on my computer. The R-1 had NOT misformatted the card. There, plain as day, the computer showed that there were almost 4 gigs of empty space on the card. In other words, the R-1 had clearly seen that there were 4 gigs of formatted space on the card; it just didn't give a damn and treated it as a 2-gig card anyway."

I have some very good news. One can now use the full length of a 4-gig card in an Edirol R-1 WITHOUT partitioning it into two 2 gig drives. I received a communication from Edirol informing me that there is an update to the firmware, Version 1.03. They told me just to hook it up to my USB 2.0 port and then pointed me to the URL with the update. Download it to the Flash Card in the R-1 (which appears as a removable disc when connectd to the USB 2.0 port), and then disconnect the R-1 from the computer. Then call up the Update Firmware option on the R-1 and let it do its thing.

There's one tiny fly in the ointment however which Edirol had to explain to me. WAV FILES THEMNSELVES HAPPEN TO BE INCAPABLE OF BEING LARGER THAN 2 GIGS!!!!!! I never knew this, though there may be some experts on this forum who were already aware of this. This means that one can STILL not record a full bandwidth 16 bit file which runs longer than 3 hours and 18 minutes. What's good about this firmware update however is that as soon as the first file has finished recording one can immediately just start recording again. One no longer has to pop the card out and throw the partition switch. It was quite a relief to me!

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