Edirol R-1 Looks Good

by criggs - 3/9/05 7:50 PM

In Reply to: Microphone Settings by jamie12345

Jamie wrote:
"it sounds like setting 1, "Flat Line" with no proximity effect, is actually unprocessed. "

If so, that's excellent news, because it means that those who complained on another forum about the high input gain on a recording they were making, and the fact that they were experiencing clipping and distortion even though they had their input level almost all the way down, DO, after all, have a way by which they can pad down the mike's initial output before the rest of the R1's electronics get a hold of it.

I know this much: When I tested recording with NO simulation versus recording with ALL FIVE of the simulations, I was pretty darn sure I heard a difference being created with ALL FIVE of the settings. However all I had was my own voice to go on, so I could be wrong. I HOPE I'm wrong amyway, because if I'm right that means there is NO WAY to pad down the output of a mike with very loud material except to activate one of these @#$%^&* settings.

However this is idle speculation until I can get some clarification from the manufacturer as to what all of this means. I've tried to twice so far without success. First I didn't get a reply. Then I got a very friendly reply from someone who seemed to think he was answering the question. His answer however was not germane unfortunately; he focused on what the natural proximity effect is in a dynamic mike, scarcely relevant, I'm sure you'll agree.

So I politely thanked him and then asked him the same question with didfferent wording, hoping for the best. Fundamentally he didn't seem to understand my basic need, which was to know whether ANY of those settings are in fact a setting which has no effect on the mike's sound and merely enables me to access the pre-gain for the mike which is buried, for some unaccountable reason, in this menu rather than available separately.

Happy listening,