Edirol R-1 Looks Good

by criggs - 3/6/05 10:30 AM

In Reply to: Edirol R1 looks good by criggs

I wrote:
"I have seen much to impress me about it and not much to disappoint me."

I forgot to mention one area where I was disappointed, and that was the one of mike level. As many of you probably know, many portable professional recorders take note of the fact that some recording environments may have very high decibel levels. Consequently they give one the option of a decibel cut on the feed from the mike.

Well, the R-1 also gives one that option, but with a deal-killer difference: You have to first select one of five different types of mike equalization before activating the adjustable decibel level cut. Just doing listening tests between those five different types of mike equalization revealed that NOT ONE OF THEM is flat or uncolored. So, if you want to leave your recording as is, with all of your eq done afterwards in post, you don't have a decibel cut available to you at all. Furthermore there is no description or indication, either in the menus or in the accompanying literature, as to what exactly these five mike eq settings are, or what they represent. For now therefore, in my opinion, the mike decibel cut option which the R-1 offers is fairly useless. Hopefully, at some point in the near future, Edirol/Roland will address this weakness and provide both information with regard to these five eq settings and, more importantly, the ability to implement the decibel cut WITHOUT activating ANY of those five settings.

In the meantime, if I encounter a very high-decibel recording environment, I guess I'm just going to bring down my input gain a lot and hope for the best that I'm not overloading the path. Unsatisfactory and less than ideal, but there it is, for now.

Happy listening,