Orange System CD Should Work

Hi 3DMonkey,

If memory serves, the iMac DV definitely came with two orange CDs and both of them were bootable, the easiest one to use being the software restore. If you stick it in the CD drive and press the force restart button on the side of the machine near the I/O ports, and then instantly start holding down the C key on your keyboard, and keeping it held down until you see the happy mac face, this should force your iMac to boot from CD.

It has been a while since I've worked on a mac, but I seem to remember the DV iMac had slot loading CD drives; I used to find CD reading issues were commonplace and many of them could be fixed by blowing the dust out with a can of air spray and one of those straws connected to the nozzle. That might be worth a go if it's a case of the iMac not recognising any CD that's inserted.

If it's just a case that your CD's are knackered but the machine is still capable of booting from CD, and you live in the UK, I've got a bunch of OS9 CDs knocking around somewhere, I'd gladly burn you a copy of OS9 and send it to you if that would help you out?