Customer Service

I tried working with AVG Customer Service from 2:00 PM until 9:30 PM without any of the issues resolved when I made the mistake of paying and downloading their current security program. Five times I was told that I would be connected to a "level 2" tech and none of those times was I ever connected. One of the "consultants" guranteed me that if I called two hours later(third consultant's advice after 2 prior hours of attempted trouble shooting) that it would be less than five minutes before I would be connected to a level 2 tech-hahaha , that connection never happened. When I repeatedly requested to speak with a supervisor I was repeatedly told that none were available. When I tried to remove the program my computer went into a loop then froze. Problems continued to escalate. At this point, I want to remove the AVG program and anything related to it. I want my money back-I was offered for an additional $9.00 charge I could be connected to a remote tech that could remove the program. I declined paying for a service provided by a program that has caused multiple problems that did not exist before downloading the AVG program. Things went from bad to worse. Please let me know what recourse is available. I plan to report the issue to the Better Business Bureau and any other agency that can get the word out about this unscrupulous behavior. Any constructive information regarding this issue will be greatly appreciated.