Re: compatibility

by Ondrej_AVG - 4/25/12 11:20 PM

In Reply to: ..good question! by wendimere

Hello wendimere and AFQR2009,

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences caused by this compatibility issues.

Summary of supported Mozilla Firefox versions:

- any updated AVG 2012 version (2012.0.1913)

- repaired/newly installed AVG 2012 version (2012.0.2127 and newer), known as Service Pack 1
- installation files available on common locations (Free, Pro)

- new AVG 2012 version (2012.0.2169 and newer) will be available in a few days as program update for users of Service Pack 1 or as installation files for new installations or repairs from any previous versions

Thank you for your patience