Re: Lost money in renewal scam

by Ondrej_AVG - 3/19/12 12:58 AM

In Reply to: Lost money in renewal scam by Tablady

Hello Gillian,

I have checked your case and you have still enabled automatic renewal for your AVG license. I will ask our sales representatives to disable it for next period.

Please be informed that automatic renewal is enabled by default during online payment, but it is possible to disable it during the payment itself (before payment is finished, through available checkbox). Then you can disable it through the link in the notification email, which is being sent 30 days before the automatic payment is processed. Or just contact our technical support to disable it.

You mentioned to the technical support agent you have forwarded the notification email somewhere (did not use the link to disable automatic renewal), where did you send it? As the sender address is not accessible from outside and your email server should immediately return the email back to you with "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)".
I was not able to find your mentioned forwarded email anywhere in our system. which could be used as proof to process your refund (even after 30 days).

Thank you