AVG 2011 is it any different now as it has been in the past?

I am fuming with the antics of the human factor running AVG. Cheap low down attacks on my system. I downloaded the "FREE" AVG 2011. Then why am I having to fight them to regain control of my computer? and for them to say that "It's not me?" like a little kid? well? I just don't know? I started getting "malware" problems just as I started to recieve the "trial" is about expire notices from no other but! AVG. Until it was up and then AVG completely took over all commands from the mouse to the actual key commands all the time displaying the AVG home page forcing the one or two year purchase offer? All of the good AVG offers and does is worthless when they act like this. And I too went thru the whole three shells and a pea antics last time I payed for it. So who do you convey these problems too? Cnet, AVG?