Re: AVG 2011 freezing computer during install

by Derby2010 - 11/21/10 10:41 PM

In Reply to: AVG 2011 freezing computer during install by RoccaJay

Also wanted to add to this thread as suffering from exactly the same install problems as described above by RoccaJay and others. Running Asus lappy with Vista and Asus Data Security Software installed. I have never used AsusDSM. My freeze is identical place to RoccaJay, gets to the "Copying Files" and total system freeze, can only hard reboot and try and get into safe mode and then run AVG Removal tool. Today i tried again to do a fresh install, made sure there were no traces left of AVG, ran AVG Removal Tool, ran CCleaner etc... but after reading this thread i disabled the only trace of ASUS Data Security Management i could find running which was a service. Install failed as before, with freeze at same place, very frustrating. I would be happy to provide a log of the failed install as i would really like to get this sorted. Also after the last attempt even after running the removal tool a couple of times i still found this entry in Startup - MFARestart "C:\ProgramData\MFAData\pack\avgrunasx.exe" /usereg and what i believe are reminants of the install in these locations:




Shouldn't the removal tool be removing these? Can i manually delete these files and folders?

Also have never had any probs with previous versions of AVG Free.