Best laptop cooling pad in the market !

by vintid - 11/12/09 7:06 PM

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Laptops get heated up if one works for a long time (4 hours and over). All notebooks have a cooling fan built into it but still it does not solve the problem of overheating due to very small size of the laptop chassey ( the laptop body housing the components )when compared to the desktop CPU cabinet which has a lot of room for air circulation.

To solve this problem there are many external cooling pads in the market, almost every laptop cooling pad is has one or more fans built into them and are powered by the USB ports of the notebook.

Two things are to be noted while purchasing a laptop cooling pad.
1) Does the laptop have any vents in the bottom (Macbook's dont have any)
2) A little understanding of the direction of air flow in the laptop vents.

Speaking about point 1:
Vents in the bottom are found in most laptops (except macbook, Jobs is a genious in designing which I will speak later), these vents are used to draw cool air into the laptop body. One will also notice that there would be a few vents even in the side of the laptop or in the rear end (behind the keyboard) these vents are used to blow the hot air out of the laptop.

Speaking about point 2:
Understanding the air flow directions in your laptop. Most laptop cooling pad vendors have designed the cooling pad with multiple fans which suck the cool air from the bottom of the laptop. Remmember when you actually place a laptop in a flat surface, the distance between the laptop body and the table surface is less than 1/10 of an inch. In this gap if the internal laptop fans have to blow out air then they must have highly powerful fans built into them. Hot air has the tendency of rising upwards, so the bottom vents of any laptop manafacturer will not be designed to push the hot air out but suck in cool air in. I confirmed this by conducting a simple smoke test. Light a cigeratte and hold is below the laptop while the laptop is running (caution : ask someone to hold the laptop around 5 feet above the ground) U can clearly notice the direction of smoke flow when held a couple of inches below the laptop body. This confirms that bottom vents are actually used for sucking in cool air not push out.

With a fair understanding of the vents in the laptop and the air flow direction, one will be able to understand that laptop cooling pads which claim to suck cool air from the bottom of your laptop is a pure design flaw !!! BEWARE, if you happen to purchase such a laptop cooling pad which sucks air from the bottom of your laptop then its gonna overheat your laptop by preventing the flow of cool air into the laptop. Its like u wanna breathe in air but someone is forcing to pump out air from ure nostrils, jus think wont u suffocate ???

So one must purchase a cooling pad which actually blows cool air to the bottom portion of your laptop, this inturn increases the airflow into the laptop and helps in cooling it better and faster. By far, I have tested 3 laptop cooling pads and Belkin is the best ! It blows cool air into the laptop's bottom vents and also its designed in such a way that it creates some space below your latop which eases the cool air inflow ( the curved design ).

A note to macbook owners, most macbooks do not have a vent in the bottom, so purchasing any kind of cooling pad is useless. In macbooks, the air circulation vents are provided behind the keyboard, this is a far better design than any other laptop manafacturer.

I hope this is useful for any buyer who is interested to purchase a laptop cooling pad.