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by wpgwpg - 3/9/13 3:58 PM

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I'm a senior, but I can read my 7" Kindle Fire just fine. Just because you're a senior doesn't mean your eyes aren't any good (I did have to have cataracts removed 3 years ago). I'd say that how much you're going to travel and how much it would bother you to have something take more space, not to mention cost would be factors to consider. You should consider battery life. Another thing is typing. The onscreen keyboard on my Kindle leaves a lot to be desired, and some web sites that require sign-ons are really difficult to position so that you can get your ID and password in. Personally I travel very little and will take my nice 15" laptop 95% of the time over a tablet. Only you can weigh how these factors stack up for you though.

Good luck.