Mucho rapido

I've had an iPad for nearly 2 years. It can't do everything a computer can. But it is a whole lot handier and faster for the things it can do. I see it as a great compromise between a computer and a smartphone.

Smaller and lighter than a laptop, I can easily carry it into stores or to meetings, into my RV or to my garage workbench, or just flop it beside my easy chair. The magnetic removeable cover protects the screen, the battery lasts far longer than my Dell laptop, and I can check anything I see on the TV news, check a map as it relates to a news story or a movie, or research any "fact" I need to know about immediately; and I mean immediately. Pick up the iPad from next to my chair, open the cover, and it is on right there and then. No waiting. Enter my search terms in Safari or click on an app, and I know what I need to right away, limited only by how fast I can type. My emails are right there, right away.

My desktop or my laptop have to startup, even from sleep mode. Not so with the iPad.

Portability and No Waiting. That's the real value of my tablet. And I have literally thousands of personal and other photos on it, with plenty of room left to spare. Most of its data is in the cloud, so it doesn't have to store it, and it is still immediately accessible. You don't have to pay $1000 to get what you need. My machine does more than I expected it to for $500, and gets far more of a workout each day than either of the home computers, mainly cuz its handier and faster.