The Sony Z Series and Some Other Insights

by 293,692,076,921 - 6/22/10 9:22 PM

In Reply to: iPad vs netbook vs miniNotebook by hjfok

I looked at Sony's Z series computers.
1. Those are expensive at $1,919.99 apiece. That is the starting price. At a price like that, I would hope that it is a tablet PC, although based on the display description, I am thinking that it is not one of those.
2. a resolution of 1,920 (one thousand nine hundred twenty, or, without the comma, 1920, nineteen hundred twenty*) 1,080 (one thousand eighty* with or without the comma) pixels would seem quite small on a 13.1 inch screen.

* Of course, this is my unnatural interpretation of the numbers. A more natural approach would be to exclude commas (Why this is done is beyond me since commas only make the number _easier_ to read.) and pronounce such a resolution as nineteen-twenty (Wow, I think that needs a hyphen. It looks weird. There, that's much better!) by ten-eighty (That also looks weird without a hyphen. How about I go and fix that! There, all better!) They still sound weird though. Numbers have become so complex nowadays. I wonder how they are taught in elementary and middle school. Is zero even taught or is all the letter O (such as 2101 being [oddly] pronounced as twenty-one O one) (I pronounce that twenty-one hundred one.)? Although, if it was simply a number (as opposed to something such as a year), then it would actally be typed or written as 2,101 and pronounced two thousand one hundred one. Am I the only person that thinks such pronunciation of numbers as the one commonly used is odd? Pehaps I am.