Comparing an iPad to a netbook

by Charleseye - 5/5/10 4:46 PM

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Ok, you're right. Just about everyone on this thread is guilty of comparing an iPad to a netbook. I did it with a specific netbook. If you're wondering why we keep doing so, it's because comparing the two is EXACTLY what this is about. The question was posed by someone who is trying to decide between them. You cannot make a decision between two or more things without directly comparing them to see which is a more logical choice.

On behalf of the "haters" in the group putting down the iPad because we don't understand it, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for explaining to us that it doesn't run windows. I'm sure no one here knew that. I hope that someone turns the iPad into a video phone too. I mean, it would be refreshing to see an Apple iDevice on which you could actually make calls. And it would be revolutionary to be able to talk to someone while seeing them in real time. I'll bet they'd call it video chat. It's just too bad you wouldn't be able to do it with a netbook, oh wait...

Ok here, the issue is not "Apple vs. PC" at this point. The issue is bang for the buck. You can get a top-of-the-line iPad with 64gb of memory and 3G to the tune of $830.00. I didn't pay that much for my laptop and trust me, it decimates the iPad with the exception of touchscreen. That's why I bought my netbook. It's a Lenovo Ideapad S10-3T. My first post (page 7 I think) on this thread gave a nice list of a lot of the goodies it has. Yes, I am allowed to suggest it because the question at the top of this thread asked us to do so (before you start preaching on that one.) It cost me $630.00 (that's $200 LESS than the nearest spec'd iPad and way MORE than most netbooks) and I paid more than most do because I "had to have it" when it first came out. It does almost everything my laptop does AND unlike the iPad I have choices. I choose the OS, the software or "apps" (not limited by an app store,) what I choose to plug into it (usb ports, SD Card slot, VGA, headphone/mic jacks as opposed to an iPod jack.) I turn my camera on and video chat (you know, that Star Trek stuff you can't do with a netbook.) The especially nice part is that if I decide to some day start using it in a manner other than that for which it was purchased, I can. I don't ever have to say "Damn, I wish this thing had a keyboard" or "wouldn't it be nice to have a touchscreen right now." It takes the only truly useful thing about the iPad (capacitive multi-touch touch screen) and integrates it into a machine that's already got the iPad beat on just about every other level.

Now granted, it doesn't have that Dazzling iPhone OS (sarcasm in case you were wondering,) only Windows 7 (or whatever other OS I install) but it does have pinch-to zoom, swipe-to-scroll and all the other multi-touch functions iPad has. Also and I know I'm not alone on this one, I like gadgets. I have several gadgets on my desktop and I use them often. What's nice is, if one day I decide to hate gadgets, I get rid of them. Now if I got an iPad because "gadgets are useless anyway" and woke up one morning wanting me some good ol' gadget fun I'd be S.O.L. Although, that's ok because 6 months after I got an iPad, old Stevie boy would release another "magical product" that still wouldn't support gadgets or Flash or any other thing deemed useful by 90% of society but it would have a camera. No, not a video camera. A still frame camera with low resolution. But it would be magical. I would buy it for $1000 and love it so much. That is until Steve told me my device wasn't special anymore. Because now Steve has added a low res video camera. Another $1200 and it could be mine. $3000 and two years later I finally have something that'll shut those damn PC guys up. Oh wait, there's that stupid little icon where a Flash video is supposed to be. Damn you Steve! You promised to kill Flash! This is supposed to be in HTML5 by now! I know you only control like 3% of the market share but that's no excuse! I thought you controlled the internet! And where the hell are my gadgets!?!

Now, to really throw you for a loop. I like iProducts, they have a lot of potential. They are indeed wonderful devices, however a champion quarter horse tied to a post will never reach its full potential. Untie the horse and let it really run or shoot the damn thing and put it out of its misery...Steve.