iPad or Netbook? Why settle?

Price point of about $600
Approx. 10" capacitive touchscreen w/multi-touch gestures
WIFI and 3G
Supports running applications
Supports HTML5
Accelerometer (changes display orientation automatically)
Instant-on (a.k.a. sleep/wake)
10 hr. battery life (with 8 cell which you can take out and replace at your own choosing.)
Camera and microphone
Supports multiple OS platforms including but not limited to Win7,Linux based, Splashtop etc. (comes with win7 home premium and Splashtop 2.0)
Supports Flash (because even if Flash dies in the future it's here now and I use it.)
Screen rotates 180 degrees and lays down flat like a true tablet.
Virtual AND physical keyboards (physical keyboard dimensions are 98% of a full laptop keyboard.)
1.83ghz cpu
2gb memory
250gb SATA hard drive w/active drop protection.
2 usb ports
1 SD card slot
VGA port
Headphone and mic jacks
DSL jack (just in case)
Multi-touch touchpad (though a non-essential with a touchscreen)
Supports wide screen viewing.
Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's damn sure not an iPad!
Lenovo Ideapad s10-3t (the higher-end one.)

No I don't work for Lenovo, I just love this thing. I'm the guy who likes to have options. For instance, I signed into CNET with my virtual keyboard and read this entire thread on Firefox with my 3t in the portrait position (Firefox has a swipe and pinch to zoom add-on. Don't tell steve, he'll sue them.) After reading through the thread and deciding to give my two cents worth on the subject, I flipped the screen around and for the sake of long-windedness, typed out this reply on my "real" keyboard(try that on a virtual keyboard I dare you.) Later I fully intend to stop by Hulu (a site based entirely around Flash) and watch whatever I feel like watching. If I happen to stumble over one of the eight or so HTML5 sites that currently exist among the millions of Flash sites, I'll be able to enjoy that one too. I have four e-mail addresses of various types that I can check simultaneously in my e-mail PROGRAM (that's an app that has ALL of it's functions, not just the one's Steve says are ok.) When I'm done for the evening I can choose to sleep, hibernate, log off, switch user, restart or shut down. It's my choice. If I get bored with the OS, I can choose to load a different one and I don't even have to get rid of Win7 to do it thanks to the miracle of dual boot. If I want another battery to bring for those over 10 hours without a power source days I can and did. Add more memory or a faster cpu? I can do that too.
The bottom line is this: When you're trying to decide between two things, first you should decide if you have to. I am currently enjoying an iPad-like touch screen with everything Lenovo, Splashtop and Win7 has to offer. Sorry, the screen was the only thing the iPad really won in the "vs. netbook" fight anyway.