its more than special effects

by c14rocks - 4/5/10 2:34 PM

In Reply to: iPad Fans Be Honest..... by ibelieve01

is more the gui and ui. the windows os is really annoying, and the ipad may not have usb or a built in camera (apple might integrate one of these in the future). apple makes things simpler. Microsoft doesn't get the concept of a simple ui and a nice and clean gui. all f apples products have little fun feedback effects, thats what makes everything so fun, plus have you seen the trackpad on the netbooks? they are so tiny, like maybe 2-4 in by 2-3 in across! they are very frustrating to use and they are also super slow. xp was made for a full sized computer, not some sad little excuse for a computer. if i had enough money for an ipad, i might buy one, because my macbook pro is really expensive ($1300) and i don't want it to get lost or stolen. the ipad is an excellent step into the future for apple, its not just a fun way to get online, check email and play games. touch screens are awesome, and lots of people like them. netbooks don't have touch screens. i know it would be weird if they did. plus their screens are too small to get an effective one integrated. even if you did, it'd be kinda weird to touch one of them because they are so small, and it'd be in a weird position. another bad thing about netbooks are their small screens and small hard drive space. it might seem weird that i'm complaining abut their space when the ipad has less, but flash technology has progressed less than hard disk tech has since its so new (1980 for flash tech, 1956 hard disks, according to Wikipedia). plus if they got any higher, itd be really really expensive. the ipod classic has so much memory because it has an actual hard disk. (apple fan!)