E Reader Downloads Overseas?

by umanemo - 1/22/12 9:33 AM

I travel extensively throughout Europe in a RV as a full time lifestyle. My wife reads books as her common passtime and has collected and trades dozens of books and has dozens constantly on hand - a storage problem in our abbreviated living space. She needs one of these devices.

We are US citizens and have library access in our former community. We are also on a limited fixed income budget (read: CHEAP) and would like to download as many as possible of the available titles that are free.

Therein may lie the glitch to our hopeful solution to the book storage problem.

From Overseas can we download everything or anything? I.E. Library downloads, Lend-to-read books from family, Retail downloads, etc. I have heard that this is a problem as the servers recognize your location and block downloads under the copyright acts of that country or the EU zone?

Has anyone had any luck with family or friends downloading titles to PC (in the USA) and forwarding those title files to a computer overseas for a USB transfer to a E Reader device??? This seems a viable solution to circumvent the overseas conventions.

What device brands will be most open to all formats that offer free reading material?

OK. So many questions and so little knowledge! Thank you for everyone's help.