You Don't Own It

by goosebmp31 - 11/11/11 4:57 PM

In Reply to: Once bought, you own it. by RacingCowboy

As an ebook author I will tell you can buy the right to read and in some cases to loan for a period of time the ebooks you buy and download but you do not "own it." Just read the copyright attached to the book. You may not copy, transfer, etc. without express permission from the author. If you download a movie can you just copy it and give to others, No. If you download music and copy it can you give to others, No.

Respect the hard work of the person who wrote the book. In my case, I have years involved in writing and producing a book. Do you think I or any other author would just "give" the book to you. I don't think so. Would you?

Dawn Meier