So dissapointed

by lmarchewka - 5/2/11 12:48 PM

In Reply to: Pandigital white by ledavis

I have never been so dissapointed in something. This is my second one after they had me send the first one back. They ended up sending me a new one and this one is worse than the first it won't even go on the Barnes and Noble site! They tell me they will have a supervisor call me back we shall see I have my doubts they told me that before and never received a call I just keep calling them and being a pain lol I have their number stored in my phone as I call them so much. It just aggravates me as they keep telling you to do the same things and you hang up and it never works they are grasping at straws, I know the it is not the persons I am talking to but I am really starting to get ticked off and starting to yell at them feel bad but they won't let me talk to anyone else and tell me a supervisor will call back and it takes 3-5 days.