regarding optimal Ram / Processor ratio in i7 ultrabook

by saudi-doctor - 4/15/12 7:07 PM

i am cofused which one is better
i am going to buy new ultra book
with i7 intel core
in processor they are same i7intel same model
but diff asus ASUS ZENBOOK 4g and and 256 ssd storge
Portege Z830 Ultrabook™ 126 with 6g DDr3
and 126 ssd storge
os both 64 bit
so the asus has more data storge while the is more in toshipa
in term of price there is negiligable differance
i need my laptop for 3d jf ,photoshop ,gaming , real live stock programm like metastock and other in the same time
so plz tell me whic is better and why
and is there signigicant diff, bettween ram 4 g and 6 g
or i go for asus which also more stylish
thankx alot in avance