Is my motherboard dead?

by luc1d - 3/28/12 11:30 AM

SPECS: Running dual-boot system -- Windows Vista x32 and Linux Ubuntu 11.10 -- on a custom built laptop. Compal JHT00 motherboard, Intel processor (don't know which), all drivers are up to date.


Generally, when nothing works anymore, it's time for a new motherboard. Well, nothing of mine works anymore. Except the thing is, everything didn't just die overnight. Everything died over a wide range of time.

First (over 6 months ago): I got the infamous "plugged in, not charging" balloon. Voltmeter reads no voltage between + and gnd leads where the battery plugs in. I tried everything I read in the forums: that shutdown, take out battery, reboot, put in battery, shutdown, whatever that method was... I reinstalled drivers, checked permissions, and even (supposedly) had the AC port repaired, but I'm not sure if they actually did it because they told me after three weeks it didn't fix the problem and didn't charge me for the service. Battery still not charging.

Second (2 months ago): USB ports died. Computer doesn't even realize anything is plugged in. Voltmeter measured zero voltage in all three ports. The same place that "replaced" the AC port supposedly replaced the daughterboard as well and that didn't fix the problem.

Third (a week after the USB problem): c, d, e, 3, F2, F3, and F4 keys stop working--notice they are all in the same column so it might just be one strip of the ribbon cable. Except about a week ago, the "e" key worked for about 10 seconds and then died again.

Last (don't know when this happened): Mouse pad stopped working ONLY in Linux. It works fine in Windows.

Things that still work: Mouse (in Windows), the rest of the keyboard, left and right click, speakers, screen, built-in microphone, SD slot, built-in camera, HDMI port, and Ethernet port.

So is it possible for a motherboard to just slowly go bad like this? Or are these components going bad on their own? What should I / can I check and test before buying a new motherboard?