Dell d620 cpu upgrade

by Maf087 - 1/24/12 11:03 AM

Hey everyone, I have an old laptop (a dell d620). Ive been playing the mods for medieval 2 and while I can generally playthem it fine on low graphics, i would like to upgrade to be able to run them on better settings.

my laptop has a quadro fx 110m graphics card that cant be upgraded further, I have overclocked it but haven't noticed a difference in fps in game.

My question is should I bother to upgrade my t2400 cpu that runs at 1.83 ghz? I have done the research and I the best I could upgrade it too would be a t7600, which runs at 2.33 ghz, and I could probaly overclock that to around 3.0 ghz. I also potentially could upgrade my ram from 2gb to four. Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated, I don't want to spend the 100+ on a new cpu/ram if I'm being limited by my graphics card.