Costco free 2nd year warranty on computers

Yes, HP Laptops, in my opinion, crap out before they are 2 years old. We have 3 HP laptops in our family and all 3 have died between year 1 and year 2. Luckily we had Costco's Concierge service which gave us a 2nd year of warranty coverage and best of all you get to deal with Costco and not HP to get the service!! I am also in the market to replace one of the HP laptops and I priced HP's warranties yesterday and they are outrageous--buy a $600.00 laptop and pay $300.00 for the warranty! So, I think we are headed back to Costco but we intend to buy cheap laptops since they just don't last more than 2-3 years. The laptop that HP repaired this summer is now dying again and it's outside the 2 year Costco Warranty. I'm checking out Best Buy too but I think you have to purchase any warranty beyond year 1.